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Tomato Indigo Ruby

Lycopersicon esculentum

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Indigo Ruby is a new class in tomato for colour and taste. Boasting extra nutrition with healthy levels of anthocyanin, as you also find in blueberries. It tastes amazing; bright, tangy, and sweet-tart. It’s unique colour makes it stunning in a salad and gorgeous on the plate.
Traditional breeding techniques have been used to create this superior tasting hybrid tomato (Healthy wild purple tomatoes bred with superior tasting hybrid garden tomatoes). The result is amazingly beautiful red plum-shaped cocktail sized fruits that have an intense indigo pigmentation covering the top hemisphere of the fruit (Important to have daily sun on fruit whilst it is on the vine). Sweet flavoured fruits are very aromatic. F1 Hybrid. Determinate. 80 days from transplant. Clusters of 4-6 fruits.

Indigo Ruby has been grafted onto a high disease resistant rootstock that has been chosen to deliver the best combination of vigour, yield and disease resistance. Our rootstock is also bred to perform in a wide range of soil temperatures

*Anthocyanins give fruits and vegetables a blue/purple colour. Anthocyanins may have antioxidant and anti-aging benefits and may even enhance memory.