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David Austin Roses (Auskitchen)

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An exciting new development, stemming from an entirely new line in breeding. It has an overall character that is very different from any other rose we know. Pink.
    It has its own very special beauty yet retaining the classic full-petalled flowers of an English Rose. The young flower is deep pink, almost red, gradually fading to a pure deep pink as the bloom matures. The undersides of the petals have a pleasing hint of yellow.
    The growth is upright and the foliage is rather thick, succulent and highly polished. Remarkably resistant to disease it flowers over a long period and in large clusters; the individual blooms opening in succession. There is a Tea Rose fragrance of medium strength. The compact, bushy growth makes this rose ideal for borders or it would be a great choice for hedging.
    Approx. 1 metre x 0.75 metres
  • Beautiful perfume
  • Great for low hedges
  • Easy to grow
  • Repeat flowering
  • Good in a large pot
  • Care Instructions

    Treat as any other David Austin Rose. Hard prune early and regularly through the year to encourage repeat flowers

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