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Mr Fothergill's Windowsill Greenhouse Kits

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The Windowsill Greenhouse Kit is an exciting new product developed to make growing from seed as easy as possible. Simple and effective, these “all in one” starter kits are suitable for gardener’s of all skill levels and deliver superior results. Mr Fothergills Windowsill Kits provide the ability to transfer the pot and all to the garden, ensuring there is no transplantation shock resulting in faster development.

The Windowsill Kit includes the following contents:

• Reusable Windowsill Greenhouse
• 12x Jiffy Peat Pellets
• A Packet of Variety Specific Seeds
(Cucumber Lebanese, Basil Sweet, Tomato Red Cherry, Tomato Grosse Lisse,Chilli Pepper Cayenne, Sunflower Giant Single and Strawberry Temptation)

How to use

1) Remove the outer packaging, clear lid & seed packet
2) Gently add warm water to the tray until the peat pellets have fully expanded (7 times their original size). Pour off any excess water
3) Pull off netting on the top of the pellets and sow 1 seed in each, cover lightly and firm down gently
4) Position the clear lid on the tray and place it in a warm and light position but away from direct sunlight
5) When the seeds first sprout, prop the lid open slightly
6) Add water to the tray when pellets start to turn light brown, but do not over-water
7) Gradually expose the tray to full sunlight and when plants are strong enough, plant out in the garden or container

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