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The Urban Farmer Felt Planters are an ideal addition to anyone wishing to grow their own produce at home.
    To make The Urban Farmer Felt Planters we started with the fabric, and found a very durable, thick polypropylene used in landscaping. The fabric has a soft, felt-like texture that allows, "root pruning" of the plants. The roots grow to the edge of the bag and are "pruned," making for a more extensive root system. Plus, there's no root circling, as you'd have in a traditional pot or planter.
    The Urban Farmer felt planters are available in 4 sizes, presented in an earthy brown colour & are extremely durable with reinforced stitching along the seams and handles. With care you can get several seasons out of them, making them great value.
    Whatever your favourite crop, pick up a Urban Farmer Felt Planter from your favourite Australian Garden Centre or Hardware store and enjoy this easy, portable way of bringing “the greengrocer to your backyard”
  • Made from durable Felt material
  • Ideal for patios & balconys
  • Simply fold & store away when not in use
  • Available in four functional sizes
  • Sizes/Options Available

    UF06655: Small Round: Ø40cm x 20cm(H)
    (Holds approx 20 Litres of Potting Mix)

    UF06662 Medium Round: Ø35cm x 35cm(H)
    (Holds approx 27 Litres of Potting Mix)

    UF06679 Large Round: Ø35cm x 45cm(H)
    (Holds approx 35 Litres of Potting Mix)

    UF06686 Rectangular: 99cmx51cmx25cm(H)
    (Holds approx 95 Litres of Potting Mix)