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Elevated Gardens

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Elevated Gardens are self-contained growing systems that are both easy to use and sustainable. Grow veggies on balconies, rooftops and in backyards.
    Elevated Gardens have an automated, solar powered watering system which means there is no need to remember to water your plants!

    The growing system is highly water efficient with water recycled from the reservoir in the base of the tank.

    Elevated Gardens ensure an ideal growing environment even if you are busy or do not know much about gardening. Minimal maintenance is required.
  • Automated, solar powered watering system. Self-waters for up to two months.
  • High water efficiency because the water is recycled.
  • Over watering is not possible with excess water draining into the reservoir in the base of the tank.
  • The cocopeat growing medium is renewable and 100% organic.
  • The tank is made from UV stablised, food grade plastic with no waterproofing required.
  • How it works

    This patented product offers a sustainable, easy to use solution for growing veggies.

    Nutrient rich water is recycled through the system, making it highly water efficient. The water is pumped into the growing area, where it slowly drains through the cocopeat growing medium back into the water reservoir.

    A water level gauge indicates when the water needs topping up, although this should only be necessary every month or two.

    The automated watering system harnesses the sun's energy, making an Elevated Garden a self-contained unit that can be placed anywhere there is sun. The solar panel collects energy through the day and stores this energy in a rechargeable battery. After sundown each day the energy in the battery powers the water pump.

    A solid state controller with no moving parts is used to regulate the solar charging of the battery as well as the watering of the plants at night. The system is fully sealed for outside use and has no user adjustable components, making it fail safe in operation.

    Irrigation pipes with drippers disperse the water through the growing area. These can be placed on top of the growing medium or just below the surface.

    How to use

    When you purchase an Elevated Garden you get everything you need to start planting. Just add plants and watch your veggies grow!

    Grow virtually any type of vegetables or flowers. Leafy greens, tomatoes and herbs are popular choices. The only restriction is root depth. So, for vegetables like carrots, plant baby varieties.

    Setup takes about 30 minutes, depending on the model.

    The Elevated Gardens product needs to be situated in an area that would normally receive sun for at least four hours of the day. This is a requirement for optimal plant growth and to ensure the solar panel can charge the battery.

    Sizes/Options Available

    Elevated Gardens come in three sizes which all have the option of an integrated vertical wall.

    Over 25 colours available, including Colorbond colours.

    SUSTAIN - the largest model - ideal for households who want to produce most of their own veggies, schools, community groups and restaurants. Dimensions 2.35m L x 0.75m W x 0.85m H.

    OASIS - the mid sized model - great for generous sized balconies and courtyards. Dimensions 1.60m L x 0.75m W x 0.75m H.

    HABITAT - the smallest model - perfect for a balcony or confined space. Dimension 1.16m L x 0.58m W x 0.70m H.

    Care Instructions

    Minimal maintenance is required. Elevated Gardens will look after themselves for up to two months at which time water and nutrient may need to be replaced or adjusted.