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eco-flo lime is a new generation of liquid lime that's super concentrated and super effective.
    Enriched with seaweed eco-flo lime is perfect for rapidly correcting acidic soils and boosting calcium levels in your soil.
  • Corrects acid soils and boosts calcium levels
  • Fast acting because particles are 200 times smaller than traditional powdered lime
  • Super concentrated (500ml is the equivalent of 20kg of powdered lime)
  • Enhanced with seaweed for improved nutrient uptake
  • Certified Organic (Australian Organic)
  • Certified/Registered Organic?

    Yes by Australian Organic (formerly called BFA)

    Sizes/Options Available

    500ml Concentrate
    2L hose-on Concentrate

    Withholding period

    No withholding period. Can apply and eat the same day.


    500ml treats up to 200 square metres
    2L hose-on treats up to 800 square metres

    Active Ingredient

    48% w/v Calcium

    How to use

    Simply dilute in water (or use the hose-on pack) and apply over soil requiring treatment. Apply 1-2 times a year or as required.

    Safe to use on existing garden beds, veggie patches and lawns.

    Rinse off residue before it dries otherwise you'll have a white coating on plants and pavers for a few weeks.

    How it works

    eco-flo lime removes acidifying hydrogen ions from soil particles and replaces them with calcium ions resulting in a more alkaline soil.

    eco-flo lime works much faster because the particles are superfine (5 micron) compared to powdered lime (1,000 micron).

    The added seaweed also encourages new root development to increase the uptake of calcium.

    General Retail Stockists

    Bunnings, nurseries, independent hardware stores and online at www.ecoorganicgarden.com.au