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eco-CLM Trap

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The eco-CLM Trap protects against citrus leafminer damage by trapping males and dramatically reducing citrus leafminer populations.
    The eco-CLM Trap contains a pheromone lure along with a paper sticky trap to attract and capture male citrus leafminers.
  • Very effective pheromone lure
  • Lasts 8-12 weeks
  • Sticky trap handles all weather conditions
  • Contains no poisons
  • Safe for beneficial insects
  • How it works

    Male citrus leafminer are attracted to the pheromone and will fly into the trap to get closer to the lure. Once inside they are quickly caught by the glue on the walls of the trap and can't escape.

    A reduced male population means significantly less damage to citrus as there are fewer pregnant females to lay eggs on leaves.

    Active Ingredient

    Citrus leafminer pheromone

    How to use

    Simply unfold the sticky trap, place the lure inside and then hang in the tree.

    Replace every 8-12 weeks or sooner if the trap is full.


    Small trees - one trap
    Medium to large trees - two traps

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